Revenue Growth

For clients seeking expert advice on improving parking revenue, there are a number of strategies that can be employed by AuditPark. Our analysis and advice will identify and focus on the key areas of revenue growth in order to access the untapped revenue potential in your parking facility.

Some of our techniques include:

  • Identifying the current customer mix as well as potential customers
  • Maximizing price point strategies based on demand and peak usage
  • The use of advertisement and marketing strategies
  • The introduction / improvement of street and facility signage
  • The utilization of unusable space within a parking facility
  • 3rd party service vendors (car wash, rental cars, mobile vehicle maintenance etc.)
  • Identifying market trends and capitalizing on any cyclical events
  • Evaluating area competitors and offering products or services before they do
  • A detailed area rate survey and market research to better understand demands in the area and maximize revenues
  • Benchmarking your results against other similar assets and identifying opportunities for improvement