AuditPark was established in February, 2017 by Ross Frangos. His extensive experience as an Area Manager with both Vinci Park and Indigo Park Canada led Ross to establish the business of parking consulting and parking revenue auditing. Through his detailed knowledge of parking equipment transaction reporting and operational experience, Ross was able to identify over $1.74 million in lost or non-recovered net revenue by parking operators and an additional $3.82 million in uncaptured net revenue for his clients within the first 11 months of opening AuditPark Services Inc.

About AuditPark

AuditPark’s consulting expertise covers three distinct areas of focus:
Auditing Parking Revenues and Transactions

Improving Parking Operations

Parking RFPs and Parking Vendor Evaluations

AuditPark was founded on the basic principals that parking operators be held accountable to property owners and property managers for the services and revenues they manage. AuditPark is truly unique in the field of Auditing Parking Revenues as it is the only parking consulting firm that first identifies revenue discrepancies and operational revenue reporting flaws in operations and then offers solutions to correct these issues. AuditPark will work with your current parking operator to address any revenue discrepancies or shortfalls and ensure that monthly revenue reporting is both accurate and maximized. Through our consulting techniques, AuditPark will address operational issues, maximize a facility’s revenue potential and provide reporting protocols to prevent any future revenue discrepancies.